Acts of kindness are good for body & soul

Helping others does tend to give you a warm happy feeling of satisfaction.  Whether that is doing things for a good cause, acts of kindness or volunteering. The smallest of gestures tends to offer positive stimulus to both the giver and, hopefully, the receiver and a growing number of studies is backing this up.

Numerous clinical studies are validating what we were already aware of i.e. it’s good to give!  Respected Clinical Experts quote brain stimulus, heart benefits and release of endorphins. Endorphins being the happy chemicals the brain releases under certain conditions.

So similar to exercise junkies getting a high from a run or gym workout, the same can be said about random acts of kindness.  Which is great news if arduous workouts just aren’t your thing!

The past months, living with the covid-19 pandemic has shown just what a giving society we are and the endless examples of individuals giving to others. Captain Tom Moore made the headlines with his fantastic fund raising walk at 100 years young. However you don’t need to look any further than your own local community or family/friend unit to acknowledge many acts of kindness.  For examples, my own local community organized small posies of flowers and homemade shortbread to seniors in the area to mark VE Day when we were still very much in lockdown.  I loved playing a minor role in helping to deliver; without doubt the endorphins were flowing that day.

To finish, with that well know phrase, money can’t but happiness…….. unless that is you spend it on others! So if you’re looking for some feel good vibes, surprising someone with a phone call, card or small gift could be just what the Doctor orders.

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