Enamel & Wood Stars


Solid mango wood with white enamel fronts. Perfect for styling on a mantlepiece , shelf or table, as a set of 3 or individually.

Large 26 x 28 x 3.6cm

Medium 21 X 21 X 3.5cm

Small 16 x 16 x 3.5cm

We’re proud to state these accessories are sourced from Retreat Home, a specialist home decor company who design their own unique pieces, working with Artisans in a socially responsible way, ensuring all products are both beautiful and ethically sourced.


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90% of Home Retreat’s wood products are made from mango wood. Mango wood is fundamentally the byproduct of an already thriving industry: Mango fruit. Unlike the oaks of North America which take 50-100 years to mature, mango trees mature quickly; reaching 80-100 feet in around 15 years. Once the trees get too tall to easily harvest the fruit or stop bearing fruit altogether, they are harvested for timber and a new generation of trees is planted.

The wood that Home Retreat use to make their collection from was previously burnt or left to break down naturally and now provides extra income to mango farmers.



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