Wax Burners

Wax Burners …The Rising Stars of Home Fragrancing

The popularity of the wax burner has increased significantly over the last few years to rapidly become a bit of a rising star on the home fragrance scene. We’re both converts to wax burners having been die hard candle burning addicts for many years! That’s not to say that we’ve deserted the good old candle however wax burners have indeed opened up a whole new world of home fragrancing to us both.

What exactly is a wax burner ? 

In basic terms, a  home decor accessory which is designed to warm a piece of fragranced wax from a heat source. This heat source is either an unscented tea-light in the case of a traditional wax burner or electricity if opting for a plug in version. The good news is our wax melts work well in both traditional and electric burners. Electric burners can be a good choice for houses with small children or animals who want to enjoy their favourite aromas wafting through a room but avoiding a naked flame.

How to use 

Simply pop your choice of fragranced wax melt into the pool or dish area of the burner and light an unscented tea light underneath. Within a matter of minutes as the wax melts, you will experience the release of fragrance into the room. It is the quickest means of releasing fragrance into your chosen environment. We outline, with our own wax melts, that you will enjoy 2-3 tea lights worth from each wax melt. Burn times can vary from oil to oil and indeed the size of the wax burner however you’ll know when the fragrance has all been released that the wax melt is spent and ready to be removed.

Removal of wax melts is easy. Simply ensure the wax has cooled and scope out using a blunt utensil such as a spoon. Alternatively when the wax has cooled but is still in liquid form it can also be soaked up with a cotton wool pad( we’re not cotton wool pad users ourselves but have many customers who promote this cleaning option.) If using a traditional wax burner, once the spent wax is removed it can easily be washed in warm soapy water (assuming you’re using natural soy wax which is completely biodegradable) and ready for the next time.

Choice & Style 

The design of the wax burner has really developed over the past 12 months, with some very stylish pieces now available to complement your own home style. The initial boring dumpy styles have been overtaken by contempory pieces which look great. So burners can be suitable room dressing accessories for the kitchen, living room, hall, bedroom or bathroom. Our Orkney Wax Burner , for example, is made by talented Potter, Robin Palmer who takes inspiration for his designs from the forms, shapes and colours of the sea, sand and rugged landscape of Northern Scotland.

In addition we’re now seeing flexibility in the designs e.g. our Milan wax burner comes with 3 inter-changeable wax dishes so that you can burn different scents each night without having to clean out your burner and before your wax melt is actually ready to be thrown away, saving wastage and saving you money! Essentially this is a 3 in 1 burner, allowing you to change your fragranced melts by day and mood or preference. Similarly other wax burners offer the facility of two separate wax pool areas thus allowing you to create your own fragrance pairing of 2 different wax melts.

Combining with a candle or reed diffuser can also be an option to consider. With soy wax based candles providing a scent throw, even when unlit, your base background fragrance can be turned up a notch by adding in a wax burner in the same or a complementary fragrance.

So as you will note, wax melt burners really do offer a whole new world of fragrance and choice to your home fragrancing regime.

Our latest range of wax burners can be found at https://willowandwhitecandlecompany.co.uk/product-category/accessories/